Frotteurism Forum: Gateway to Chikan Fantasies

Frotteurism Forum is a unique platform that offers a space for individuals to share their experiences and stories related to frotteurism, a disorder that involves deriving sexual pleasure from touching or rubbing one’s genitals against a non-consenting person in public places. The forum serves as a gateway to chikan fantasies, where users can share their personal stories and experiences related to Chikan Forum.

The forum includes stories of chikan incidents, some of which are minor and some of which are more serious. The stories on the forum are often brazen and disrespectful in nature, with some users boasting about their experiences and engaging in this behavior frequently. The forum emphasizes the importance of consent and respect in all sexual encounters. Members share their experiences and provide advice on how to handle situations where someone is being harassed or assaulted. The forum also highlights the importance of bystanders getting involved in such situations.

The forum has been active for many years, with thousands of posts on the forum. The posts on the website have stopped since mid-January 2021, but through the Wayback machine, posts can be tracked as far as July 2008. Photos had been posted on the website but they have since been removed or disabled from view.

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